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    About Us

    Contact Information
    Guangdong Runke Bioengineering Co., Ltd.  
    • Add:Longsheng Industrial Park, North Dongxia Road, Shantou, Guangdong, P.R. China 
    • Zip code: 515041
    • Tel: +86 754 8630 9891
    • Fax: +86 754 8630 8192  
    • E-mail: marketing@runke.com.cn
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    R&D Centers

    Runke Bioengineering’s R&D teams in Beijing, Shantou Guangdong and Zhao’an Fujian are focused on fundamental, engineering and applied research, respectively. The technical consultant team is consist of top experts and scholars. The R&D team is mainly formed by Ph.D., MSc., and Senior Engineer, and work closely with universities and institutes.The company invest a great deal of money each year in R&D. Runke established Guangdong Provincial Research Center on Microalgal Bioengineering in 2010.

    Patents and Awards

    R&D Centers
    Runke owns Six Invention Patents,
    Five Application Patents,
    Eleven Industrial Design Patents,
    Runke was awarded 17 provincial research grants and 4 national ones,
    Runke was awarded Excellent in Performing the National Innovation Fund for Small and Medium Enterprises in 2010,
    Runke was awarded The first batch Key Enterprise of Strategic Emerging Industry of Guangdong in 2011,
    RUNKE is honored to be certified as Guangdong Famous Brand.

    Quality Assurance

    Runke Bioengineering always embarks on the strict quality control to pursue the reliable and stable quality. The whole production system has been certified by ISO9001, ISO22000, and ISO14001, etc.

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